About X9

About Us

X9 Security is a professional cyber security and hacking community. We strive to teach all who are willing to learn and help those who are willing to help themselves. If you are interested in hacking or cyber security professionally or are simply looking for a place to collaborate with like-minded people, then give X9 Security the chance to be your new home. We are a growing community and are looking to have community events in the future such as CTFs and Hackathon-like projects. We welcome all hats as we are a place of education and growth.


X9 Security started its development as a Discord community in early 2018. The name X9 Security comes from the original nine members of the community when it was founded: Xorus, Override, Sess, King Of The Dead, EHProgHat, Void, TorHackr, Umbra, and Archy. It was developed as a platform for people to come together and collaborate on cyber security projects, hacking challenges, and the teaching of others. Several months later the server was shut down by Discord under false accusation of “illegal activity”. Seeing this as an opportunity to grow and shake off the restrictions of Discord, X9 Security moved to a separate platform where the community could grow unencumbered.

Contact Us

All of the staff can be contacted through the forum, but they can also be contacted via email. The staff emails are:

Xorus: xorus@x9security.com
EHProgHat: ehproghat@x9security.com
King Of The Dead: kingofthedead@x9security.com